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And another crazy year comes to an end... It started out pretty slowly once again in terms of travel and photography, but in summer and fall we went on a few really nice camping trips, extending our radius again for a little bit and visiting Austria and Italy. After going to Austria´s Kaiserwinkl region in summer for the first time we went to South Tyrol for hiking and mountain biking, followed by another bike holiday: After our weeklong bike trip in 2020, this year we set out on a two week trip along Germany´s "Castle Route", riding through the beautiful countryside and visiting many historic castles and medieval towns. And in fall it was time for another two week camping trip to Italy, this time to Tuscany and South Tyrol once more. All mixed up of course with a few nice outings around home, and in the end I had lots of wonderful memories and images to choose my favorites from :-) I hope you like them, and wish you all the best for 2022!